Wednesday’s Religion News Roundup: Pat Robertson forgives Petraeus. Catholic bishops’ mandate. Transgender Jews

Target stores are trying to get a jump on Black Friday, the day-after-Thanksgiving shopalooza, by luring buyers on Thursday evening – Thursday, as in Thanksgiving Day. So some are getting a jump on the Boycott Black Friday movement and are targeting Target and the whole materialism thing. Cold turkey, anyone?

Speaking of the economy, the Catholic bishops couldn’t agree on what to say about it, despite a century of clear papal teachings and their own landmark pastoral letter. Details here, via Yours Truly.

Cardinal Dolan, leader of the hierarchy, did make one statement his colleagues would all agree with: they won’t back down on opposing the contraception mandate, as the AP’s Rachel Zoll wrote.

At the University of San Diego, a Catholic school, things aren’t getting any easier for president Mary Lyons: the faculty gave her a vote of no confidence after she unceremoniously uninvited a leading British theologian from teaching at USD because of the theologian’s support for civil marriage for gays.

Hamas on Wednesday confirmed that Israeli rockets had killed its longtime military chief.

Transgender Jews are real and are trying to get the Jewish community to accept that, too.

Pat Robertson forgives David Petraeus. “I mean, he’s a man.” Yeah, that'll work.

Skeptic John Shooks coins a new term: “Evatheists,” or those newy-elected public officials who don't believe in God but don't know if that will hurt their political career. So they “evade” the “atheist” label. Get it?

A tip for you online daters: Say you’re an atheist, and you’re likely to get a positive response.

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