Well that’s one jolly way to welcome your monthly friend…

For every woman it’s always the same; getting Mother Nature’s untimely “gift” is always burdensome, especially around the holidays. So what should you do if you just so happen to find yourself in a festive mood with a surplus of feminine hygiene products? Craft a nativity scene out of tampons, of course!

If you wish, you can visit tamponcrafts.com, a website offering instructions on how to put together an entire nativity scene including Jesus, mother Mary, Joseph and even the Three Wise Men as a DIY alternative to what is widely considered the epitome of the Christmas Miracle.

Bill Donohue recently released the following comments on the tampon-inspired project, saying, “Have a holly, jolly, blood good Christmas with these tampon crafts…Gather ‘round the manger for the Christmas Miracle. These three kings come bearing gold, frankincense, and…fresh-scented feminine hygiene products.”

If you think this would be immediately offensive, think again. Not only has the tampon nativity scene been around for several years, but it’s been stealing quite a bit of spotlight lately – ranging from NPR to Martha Stewart (because clearly that’s a field in her expertise).

Over 21,000 Facebook users have already jumped the bandwagon, and the project is currently securing a 92 percent Social Media Impact score on the website for this Christmas season.

Don’t worry, though. The makers behind tamponcrafts.com are clearly not biased, as they also provide directions on how to craft a tampon menorah!

Whether you wanted to see or not, here’s a beauteous shot of the infamous nativity scene.

But what if you’re stumped on some other upcoming holidays? Included in their string of projects (pun intended) is a tampon toupee for dad and a tampon shooter for “the menstrual militia” – which sounds absolutely terrifying. Other Christmas-related projects include angels, snowflakes, silver bells and even faux tampon lights.

So now you can rest assured that your long-awaited dream of having a true winter wonderland can be fulfilled.

What's your view? Is this representation of the birth of Christ offensive or all in good fun?

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