The Christmas Gift, a poem

The Christmas Gift

All time, once split,
now comes together;
all nations join
in wondrous awe.

All people stop
what they are doing
to sing of hope,
and peace, and joy.

The heavens beam,
with comets streaming;
the multiverse
defines new space.

All boundaries
are being shattered;
no limits left
to keep us chained.

We now can be
God’s heirs apparent;
we now can be
what we forgot:

The living spark,
Divine Love’s essence,
united with
our Primal Source.

Such is the gift
that we are offered
in Bethlehem
this sacred night.

A gift of life,
eternal freedom;
for in God’s Son,
we are reborn.

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  1. Barbara Benjamin

    Perhaps we have to consider more closely our relationship with each other and with God more than our relationship with guns. Perhaps we have to put God at the center of our lives and let God’s Divine Love heal us so that we can,in turn, heal others. Getting rid of our guns will not change the contents of our hearts nor will it change our oppositional behavior toward each other, in our homes, in our communities, and in our governments. And getting rid of guns will not change the careless prescribing of pharmaceutical drugs that lead to homicidal and suicidal behavior in patients. Before these boutique drugs were developed, we never had such tragic events, and in the majority of these events, from Columbine to Sandy Hill, the perpetrators have been the victims of these drugs and their side effects.


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