Super Bowl commercials get supernatural with farmers, miracle stains and the devil

Colin Kaepernick (among others) brought religion to the football part of the Super Bowl, but advertisers brought religion to the other important (and some of us would argue, more imporant) part: the commercials.

Here are a few we noticed. 

Ram Trucks went with a bold, overtly religious message: “So God made a farmer.” The ad draws on a conservative speech from radio broadcaster Paul Harvey in 1978. It doesn't just selling cars, but also seems to sell the “virtues of farming.” (Of course, the ad didn't go without critics – some have criticized the lack of diversity; others the lack of modernity in the way the food system works.) 

Thanks to Mercedes-Benz, the devil himself had some television time. A young man nearly struck a deal with him for – wait for it – a car. He doesn't end up signing his soul away, but apparently, buying the car is a way to “set your soul free.” 

Tide went with an allusion to religion in its “Miracle Stain” commercial. The use of the word “miracle” itself has religious tones, but beyond that, it takes a playful jab at those stories of, say, seeing the Virgin Mary on a toasted-cheese sandwhich (which later sold for $28,000). 

On a more serious note, Jeep's patriotic “Whole Again” commercial starts with prayer – at least, an Oprah Winfrey quote that mentions prayer. It comes up again later, as does church.

Which ones are we missing? Put the name or a link in the comments section, and we'll add to the mix. 

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