The New Heart of Healthcare

I mentioned to my HMO’s attending physician that I would like to pray before deciding to schedule surgery. He equated praying with doing nothing, telling me that the condition would not go away on its own but would continue to incapacitate me further.


We must stop looking at what makes us different and keeps us apart and learn to appreciate what makes us the same and draws us together.

Why I’m rooting for Escape Fire: the Fight to Rescue American Healthcare

I am among those rooting for the Emmy nominated, film festival decorated documentary, Escape Fire: the Fight to Rescue American Healthcare. On September 30th the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences will be handing out Emmy awards in 43 categories including news and documentary. The premise of an ‘escape fire’ came about on a tragic […]

Pagan Pride Day

Pagan Pride is a wonderful chance to get to know other people who have different beliefs and traditions and attend workshops and a public ritual.