A message from former Creedible.com Editor Tracy Simmons

I live in Spokane, Wash. now — 2,660 miles from the community I loved so much in Southington. I sleep in a Creedible.com t-shirt and still send out greeting cards with “Creedible.com” printed on the back. Above my desk hang five awards the site earned before I moved away.

When I first got to Spokane, I would look at these things and be flooded with grief and uncertainty. Did I make the right decision selling my site to Religion News LLC? Would they find someone to take it over who cared about it as much as I did? For three years I had poured all my energy, attention and money into it and now I was handing the baton to someone else.

Creedible, you may remember, was a website that covered religion news across all of Connecticut. It was the state’s only online religion news source. I wrote the news articles, produced the multimedia and relied on five wonderful bloggers to offer reflections.

My vision, though, was never for it to be “mine.” I wanted to see it grow, to spark theological conversations and be a way to keep the religion beat alive, since most newspapers in Connecticut don’t cover faith anymore. For that to happen I needed to let go and take the help that was offered to me.

It was the best decision I ever made.

The site is now called Hartford Faith & Values and we found it an amazing editor, Ann Marie Somma. It has a better design, more content and has the backing of a wonderful organization that is committed to the religion beat.

HartfordFAVS, as it’s lovingly called, has dozens of people from various faith backgrounds serving as contributors and bloggers. It features a community calendar, worship directory, commentary and good, solid journalism — thanks to Somma.

Somma, by the way, has served as a journalist for more than 15 years and has won several words for her work.

As for me, I’m re-creating a Creedible here in Washington. It’s called Spokane Faith & Values and has the same mission as the Hartford site.

So now when I look at all my Creedible schwag it’s not grief that I feel, but inspiration. Creedible was a success because of its faithful readers, and now that readership has expanded. So thank you and please keep reading, keep learning, keep engaging.

Creedible had hundreds of Facebook and Twitter followers. Because of our name change, we’re changing our social media info. Please start following HartfordFAVS on Facebook and Twitter here, as our Creedible sites will soon be going away.

And if you want to keep tabs on this former Nutmegger, you can find me online, on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for three life-changing years.

- Tracy